About us

The Voodoo Partners combine the creative forces of various arts in one agency: Film, photography, music, animation and performance. Plus strategy consulting in a world where media production and consumption changes from day to day. We are offering a unique creative platform – and german-style logistics and precision. We are working for clients all over the world creating films and presentations for a wide range of communication needs. Welcome to the site of the Voodoo Creative Partners.

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  • +49 176 70 40 72 73
  • Bavariafilmplatz 7, 82031 Geiselgasteig
  • mail@voodoopartners.com
  • www.voodoopartners.com

What we do


Our documentary work is aiming at your hearts and minds. Amazing stories, unforgettable images, unique topics - with creative partners from all over the world.


We create innovative fictional content for cinema, television, video platforms and social media. Packed with emotion, suspense, humour: Human-factor entertainment.


Commercials from the Voodoo Partners are passionate, cinematic messages for your brand. The perfect combination of innovative ideas and professional execution.


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Documentary about Con Artists


A hilarious journey into the world of con art. How can I get rich without working? Here is how it works. Rip Off explores the world of the most outrageous con men on the planet – people who manage to talk even the most educated people into unbelievable scams. The story spans from historic personalities like Viktor Lustig, who sold the Eiffel Tower to scrap metal dealers (twice) and even conned Al Capone to Bernie Madoff and Allen Stanford, who stole over 7 billion US$. Fake barons, counts, pilots and doctors will show us how they do it.